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Poster design: tips and checklist

Your advertisement needs to be unique and inspirational. The positioning of your product or service and the content of your poster will determine the impact and success of your campaign. Our Visualiser tool allows you to see a photomontage of your poster on a panel in realistic surroundings. This is how you can check its visual impact:


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Poster design checklist

The old adage that a good poster was one you could sketch on the back of your business card still holds true today: the key to a high-impact poster is reduction. And reduction calls for order, prioritisation of ideas and, of course, a strong, creative central theme.
50% of the effectiveness of a poster campaign is down to the creative design. And the influence of creative design is greater in out-of-home advertising than in any other medium.1

  • Message and headline: must get across in 1–2 seconds, be catchy and easy to grasp
  • Few words: maximum of ten
  • Font size should make text readable up to ten metres
  • High contrast dark on light and complementary colours are easiest to take in
  • Logo must be clearly recognizable.
  • The use of luminous, fluorescent and gold, silver or other metallic inks is prohibited in Switzerland by Federal byelaw.
  • There are regulations banning roadside advertising that could affect traffic safety, for example posters containing signals or directional elements.
  • Elements essential to the image, such as texts, should be placed at least 6 cm – in the case of F12 and F24 – and 4 cm – in the case of F4 and F200 formats – from the edge at the top, bottom and sides (this is mandatory in the case of posters placed in light boxes).

1Source: Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) – Anthony Jones and Millward Brown, Nov. 2012